Famous Service Providers of Occupational Therapy for Children in Sydney

Raw and Moore is one of the famous service providers of occupational therapy for children Sydney who focus on the high quality services they give. The different areas which the team supplies their services are Canberra, south coast and southern tablelands. The approval from the government of the country under the NDIS is the highlighted feature of the services from the team since the members in the team are well trained. The assessment and intervention are offered by the team to the children to make sure that all the objections that prevent the child to lead the normal life are prevented. The occupational therapy for children Sydney is focused in giving the children independence and quality of life. The services of the team are purely based on clear intention to increase the standards of living of common people by the therapies they follow.


The job related treatment for infants Sydney is a service which is not profit oriented but it is person oriented. The team makes sure that the person who is treatment is getting cured or feeling better, for this the team give after hour services and also weekend appointments. It is very important to be note that there are no additional charges for these services. Thus it is clear and unequivocal evidence that the team is not profit oriented. All the assignments and the assessments of the children are completed in whether the home or the school by the team members.

What makes the team very different from the other work related cure programs for kids Sydney is that the team gives importance to the practice that is evidence based? The research is also done by the therapists in the team to get the demised results. The commitment of the team members to uplift each child is evident from the movements they make in each case. Most of all the members of the team are concentrated in the studies and that is why they are interested in the further studies. The wheel chair seating which is complex in nature is given by the team to the children.

The different types of wheel chair prescription from the team includes manual, power and power assist which can be chosen by each of the person pan the basis of the financial ability and convenience. The most famous therapy that makes the team very different from the other employment related healing programs for minors Sydney is the therapy given for upper limb. In fact the team focuses on the assessments of daily life activities of the patients. For this the complete cooperation of the parents and teachers are requested by the team members. Along with that the assessments of self care activities are also done by the team.

The team Raw and Moore is very famous occupational therapy for children Sydney which focus on all the aspects of life including the self care. The team requests the coordination of parents for the success of individual care plans.

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