Major Features of Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride


The Grand Canyon helicopter ride by the team starts from the national park which comes for different price ranges. The team Papillion also gives the filter prices which starts from 50 dollars to six hundred dollars. The tour guide is provided in the official website so that the interested persons can know more about the tour plans. In fact the differences between west and south rim are the most important thing that a person who is interested in the Grand Canyon helicopter ride must know. The rock formations as well as the wildlife of both places are very different from each other. The journey is starting from the south rim which is widely accepted as the jewel of American southwest. The picturesque views from all the angles of the south rim make it a wonderful treat for the guests from different parts of the world.

The rock walls which are very ancient are surrounded by the lush forests of pines- ponderosa. This area is the major habitat of different wild animals like elk, mule deer, mountain lions, rock squirrels and California condors. The Grand Canyon copter tours are very glorious in nature since it makes the visitors feel they touch the real beauty and inner peace of nature. The artists and photographers are madly in love with these areas because of its wild beauty. In fact the pictures of south rim aid the photographers who create the albums of Grand Canyon.


The plant life of the area is another attraction to the visitors which makes the Grand Canyon chopper trips more awesome. The team claims that they are the largest company of aerial sightseeing. The main areas which the team covers are hover, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon west which is around four to four and half hours. The Colorado River can be seen in the ride which is very magnificent about the tour. The prices of the trip start from three hundred and forty four dollars and depart from Las Vegas. The bottom landing and meals supplied in the trip also increases the demand of trip with the team.

Among the Grand Canyon air travelling the team provides a special package named grand celebration. This is the same package which is requested or chosen by many of the guests. The champagne picnic which is arranged in such a way to complete explore the beauty of canyon makes it mouth opened by the visitors by watching the mighty river in the last. The landing of the helicopter is around four thousand feet below the rim which is not so commonly offered by the other groups. The guests are picked up and dropped off from and to where they reside.

The champagne picnic from the team Papillion is one of the most asked for grand canyon helicopter ride since the team offers many exclusive features like luxurious helicopters, pick up and drop off to the hotels where the guests reside, view over all the significant areas and the landing at the bottom of canyon.

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