Things to Consider Before You Vape For The First Time

The thing with vaping is that you can’t begin vaping without preparing for the moment. You have to get down to researching about vape devices, reading guides after guides to familiarise yourself with it and then go on to buy an e cigarette in Australia or wherever you live to commence the journey.

So, you have your very first e-cig kit and already assembled it, what next?

Well, we all have been there and know what it is like to hold the electronic cigarette for the first time. It feels different and sometimes, awesome. As the first timers, most of you even dread looking like an idiot trying to vape for the first time. So, now the question is how to go about it. Read on to find out.


How to turn your e-cigarette on and off?
E-cigs do not involve any combustion like the traditional tobacco products. So, if you think that vaping would involve more or less a method like lighting up an old-fashioned cig, you are probably getting it all wrong. As e-cigs are powered by batteries, most of them have a system of turning them on and off. Typically, it is done by pressing the power button 3-5 times in succession. And in case you are still unable to get it, you can figure that out from the manual which comes along with the kit. Don’t worry; just go through the instructions and you’ll be fine.

How to start vaping?
It depends largely on the kind of e-cig that you have. If yours is cig-a-like, you have an automatic feature to get you started with forming vapours. It almost feels like using a traditional cigarette. All you have to do with it is breathe in vapours and let them out. Others, and often the best ones, come with a button to get you ready for the fun. Although in the beginning it may scare you for giving you a feel like on the marks-get set-go, it won’t be that bad and won’t be any bother later.

What setting is the best for beginners?
Some of the e-cigarettes in Australia come with variable settings. As a beginner, you should start low with your volts and watts. This ensures that your first vaping experience is pleasant and worth the first time. However, a couple of sessions down your vaping journey, you can go up to higher temperatures to achieve a desired flavour-to-vapour ratio.

What is the last thing to take care of?
You should prime the atomizer coils prior to using it for the first time. Priming of coils is really important since it can make your first hit memorable. It is necessary to saturate the wick with e-liquid and let that liquid sit in the vape tank. It saves the wick from overheating or worse, burning and producing the first taste burnt. All it takes is pouring 4-5 drops of e-liquid on the coil head, fill the tank with e-liquid, reassemble the set-up and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Doing so will also add to the life of your coils.

We have covered most of what all you need to know before you try your first vaping. If you want to know anything else including how to buy e-cigarette Australia, keep looking this space up.

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