What Makes Great Designer Swimsuits Sell For The Spring Season?

two women lying in the sand while on their bikinis

Designer swimsuits have to meet a very strict set of criteria for them to be hot property in the spring season.

Aussie shoppers are as diligent as any consumers around the world when it comes to their tastes and their experiences, sporting these brands at pools and beaches just as the warm weather arrives.

We will discuss what exactly makes for great designer swimsuits that sell for the spring season.

Wide Selection of Shapes & Fits

Designer swimsuits can only be considered valuable if they are a comfortable fit. Women should not be expected to conform to a one-size-fits-all dynamic, limiting their scope of finding a one or two piece that will be valued for the upcoming spring season. Four essential body shapes have to be catered to in this setting: straight, pear, hourglass and apple. Within that dynamic there will be variations on what will constitute a great fit for the customer. Depending on how much of the torso will be covered, shoppers can select from high cuts and triangle tops to bandeau tops, underwire, tankini, traditional bikini and a halter. The greater the range of choice for the customer, the better the chance that the brand can cater to the individual’s personal tastes.

Perfect Patterns

It is easy to overlook how the pattern of designer swimsuits can dictate the aesthetics of the item and the look of the individual. For those that want to be able to enjoy a slandering affect for their swimsuit, they should be given the chance to acquire an angled or vertical striped pattern. Red and black patterns happen to be more slimming than their white and blue counterparts while the polka dot display can land perfectly with that mix-and-match colour contrast of a nostalgic 1960s vibe.

Mix & Match Colour Schemes

While there are some women who will be happy to showcase their designer swimsuits to anyone at anytime, there will be others who will have features they like to highlight and others they like to minimise. This is where designers should be able to provide options for their customers rather than painting with a broad brush. Those highlighted features will be at the forefront of the picture when they are supported by bright colour schemes. From yellows to strawberry pinks and fluro green – there are fabrics that will catch the eye. Those features that want to be hidden can use cool, solid and neutral colours like ocean blue and violet.

Durable Fabric Materials

For shoppers who are simply after designer swimsuits for the upcoming spring season, they might not be too concerned about the durability of the fabric itself. Yet there will be many other consumers who want to be able to take the item out over summer and reuse again for the following year and beyond. If long-term value for money is a major consideration, then the great designers will incorporate polyester fabrics across their supply chain. These materials are perfect for indoor and outdoor pools with a natural resistance to chlorine exposure. Nylon brands will have an edge when it comes to the strength of the stretch, giving the user more wiggle room and enabling alterations with body shape.

Instagram Traction

In 2020 there are many cases that illustrates a direct correlation between the success of designer swimsuits showcased on social media platforms to their actual sales. Instagram offers a unique platform in this instance because it offers a simple, user-friendly interface that removes much of the noise occupied by Facebook and Twitter. Brands are able to target and retarget their consumer audience while promoting their labels with models at popular springtime locations at the beach or the pool.

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